What we Do

The PSC Alliance includes the Professional Support Coordinator (PSC) in each state and territory.  Professional Support Coordinators are funded by the Australian Government under the Inclusion and Professional Support Program (IPSP) to provide professional development and support to education and care services to enhance the provision of quality services to children and families.

PSCs also manage Bicultural Support, the IPSP Resource Library, and Specialist Equipment.

Established in 2005, the PSC Alliance exists to ensure effective implementation of the IPSP program through collaboration between state/territory PSCs to work towards achieving national consistency in information to education and care services about government policy and consistency in professional development and support.

The current strategic objectives of the Alliance are to:

  1. Support the implementation of national education and care reforms;
  2. Sustain and develop strategic alliances and sector leadership to contribute to the effective delivery of the IPSP;
  3. Contribute to the building of a professional and skilled workforce in line with the Early Years Workforce Strategy 2012–2016; and
  4. Strengthen PSCA identity within the education and care sector.

Contact your local PSC for more information

Contact your local PSC to access professional development, consultancy, resources, bicultural support, specialist equipment or National Quality Framework support.